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Rule #5: Vicious, despicable, or thoroughly disliked persons, gentlemen, and ladies can be project managers. Lost souls, procrastinators, and wishy-washy cannot.
5. 恶意的、卑鄙的或者你完全讨厌的人,男人,女人都可以成为项目经理。神魂颠倒,拖拖拉拉,优柔寡断的人绝对不行。

Rule #6: A comfortable project manager is one waiting for his next assignment or one on the verge of failure. Security is not normal to project management.
6. 等待下一个任务的项目经理是惬意的也可以说他处于失败的边缘。对于项目管理来说安全是不正常的。

Rule #7: One problem new managers face is that everyone wants to solve their problems. Old managers were told by senior management - "solve your darn problems that is what we hired you to do.
7. 一个新项目经理遇到的每个人都想让他解决自己的困难。老经理们都被他们的上级告诫:我们雇你是让你解决你自己应负责的麻烦。

Rule #8: Running fast does not take the place of thinking for yourself. You must take time to smell the roses. For your work, you must take time to understand the consequences of your actions.

Rule #9: The boss may not know how to do the work but he has to know what he wants. The boss had better find out what he expects and wants if he does not know. A blind leader tends to go in circles.

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